Commemorating the «International Women’s Day»

By: Adriana Aguerrebere, Managing Director NGO Impacto

Today is International Women´s Day, so I like to take this opportunity to share this message with you. At NGO Impacto we are promoting a significant change among the most vulnerable women living in Mexico, so that we may live in a society that offers women equal treatment, but more importantly, a dignified life. Despite the great efforts and achievements in recent decades, it is clear that there are not the same opportunities for all Mexican women: girls, youth, adult women and elderly women.

Having grown up in Mexico observing significant inequalities in lifestyles, especially of women who guide me as a person or with whom I worked in my professional career, it led me to forge a vision focused on social entrepreneurship. What motivates me is to be able to contribute with concrete actions to the reduction of social and economic inequality, one in which we live daily in Latin America, and that I believe does not allow a large part of the population, specially women, to ensure a dignified life.

This was the great driving force the inception of NGO Impacto and has been a priority throughout these years of my work; as well as ensuring that we are a growing, inclusive and sustainable organization. Within our lines of action we have developed programs that support women in vulnerable conditions, with our priorities being women from indigenous communities, who suffer double discrimination, on the one hand because of being women and on the other because of being indigenous.Our main goal is to provide them with tools to develop their autonomy, empowerment and leadership. Furthermore, inside the organization we have structured a team of leaders and professional women, who provide their talent to develop a work «of women to women», leading to a support network and the exchange of knowledge, which benefits all.

As Managing Director of NGO Impacto, I promote values so that our work and actions a driven from esteem, mutual respect, experience, education and participation; I am firmly convinced that these are the pillars that provide an integral development, as to guarantee equal opportunities in our society.

On this International Women´s Day, I reiterate my commitment to promote equal opportunities, to focus my efforts on supporting more and more women and to contribute the best possible way to eradicating inequality in places where still persists.

Through the #InternationalWomensDay (International Women's Day) campaign, to be commemorated on Thursday, March 8, NGO Impacto calls on all people to join by their own actions, to build a more inclusive and equitable world.

Adriana Aguerrebere