Join the movement and give!


November twenty-seven is a day for helping and sharing. Giving Tuesday is a date that arises after the days of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, it does not focus on consumption, but on collective cooperation that seeks to support various projects.

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to actively participate in our community. It is a simple idea that seeks the union between families, companies and civil organizations. Around 150 countries participate in this global initiative.

Impacto ONG is one of the many civil organizations that take part in the global giving platform. It participates in collaborative projects such as Earthquake Recovery for Chiapas & Oaxaca, Mexico, that intends to join efforts for the reconstruction of those affected by the earthquake of September 7 in 2017. This Tuesday GlobalGiving will Match 100% all your donations to our  Earthquake Recovery for Chiapas & Oaxaca Program.

Earthquake Recovery for Chiapas & Oaxaca, Mexico


Another initiative is Empowering Mayan women through ancient textiles. In Mexico’s highlands, indigenous women are isolated geographically, culturally and linguistically. Impacto textil helps women to expand on their craft, teaching them advanced design principles and technical skills. With improved products, artisans gain increased access to ethical and fair trade markets and a secure income to support their families, mainly children and their community.

Empowering Mayan women through ancient textiles


Do not miss the opportunity to directly support us, with your help, we will improve the lives of all the people to whom these projects are directed. Save the date! Be the change and part of these projects.