Impacto is a non-governmental organization which was created in order to reduce poverty and inequality in Mexico, beginning with the state of Chiapas. Our main focus is to increase incomes for people living in the communities of Los Altos de Chiapas, and, more recently, in the state of Oaxaca. We work in economic sectors that are relevant to the local economy, as well as in priority areas like education and gender equity, in order to improve quality of life of the people living in these communities. Impacto creates the links between those who produce the goods and conscientious consumers, thus generating sustainable development.



We seek to decrease the gap in economic equality by building an innovative platform of integral development as an engine for change. Our initial efforts have been in the state of Chiapas, focusing on vulnerable groups in indigenous communities of Los Altos de Chiapas.
We exchange knowledge, generate strategies, create opportunities and connect people in order to generate economic and social wealth for everyone involved in value chains.


To be a Latin American role model in combating inequality worldwide.

Logo Impacto textil

Impacto textile

Impacto Textile combats income inequality, by building an innovative platform of integral development as an engine for change. Our efforts have been focused on the vulnerable groups in indigenous communities of Los Altos de Chiapas. We exchange knowledge, generate strategies, create opportunities and connect people in order to generate economic and social wealth for everyone involved in value chains.

Our location in San Cristóbal de Las Casas allows us to be in constant contact with the 60 women in seven communities in the region of Los Altos de Chiapas.

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Logo Impacto educacion

Impacto educaction

Impacto Education develops the potential of the disadvantaged youth of Los Altos de Chiapas through innovative and participatory pedagogic approaches, connecting them beyond the borders of their daily lives (socially, economically, and physically) to youth from around the world.

In order to meet our objectives to teach, train, and create connections we have developed Tzeltal-English educational material for young indigenous people, and we are currently working with 40 young people in the community Majosik, Tenejapa.

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Impacto moringa

The project seeks to improve nutrition, reforest, and give additional income to women in marginalized communities in Mexico through the production of the Moringa tree, famous for its high nutritional value. We are currently working with a group of 20 women in Tlayacapan, Morelos and a group of 40 women in Oaxaca.

Moringa is native to India; its leaves have been used to combat problems of malnutrition worldwide by organizations such as FAO and Doctors Without Borders because of its high level of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

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Our team is multicultural and is trained in business, marketing, innovation, women’s rights, textile design, education, and communication.


Founder of Impacto

From an early age I observed that education, professionalization and training for work, coupled with a fair income, created better opportunities for work and development of the Mexican women with whom I lived and worked- from the woman who was like my second mother, to the 500 or more coworkers with whom I collaborated in a manufacturing plant which was a business I started after receiving my Bachelor’s degree.

From then on I began creating my vision of life. First, I decided to get a good education in the area of business, finance, strategy, branding and marketing, and afterwards, I decided to work for 22 years in medium and large companies in Mexico and around the world.

My current goal is to apply my knowledge and experience in a highly vulnerable and disadvantaged region of Mexico with inefficient productive and commercial systems for the sole purpose of improving value chains that are relevant to the local economy and positively impacting family incomes, which results in an improvement of the quality of life of my compatriots, especially in women.

My emphasis is on innovation, improvement of production and trading systems, and the formation of partnerships with the private sector to create shared value among the society, the government, and private and civil sector organizations.

Director Impacto education

My adventures brought me to Chiapas several years ago. Later, love brought me back to the region. Now, life leads me in search of opportunities to focus my efforts in the areas of learning, service, and development. I can trace the emergence of my desire to help others in the experiences of my own family.

In December 1920, during the great depression, my grandfather went to look for fish in the Hudson River to feed his family. He walked for about a kilometer in the bitter cold, breaking the ice for several hours, until he managed to catch a sack full of cod that Grandma and the family were anxiously waiting for, to cook for Christmas dinner. My father didn’t understand why my grandfather, instead of going directly home, stopped at neighbors’ houses along the way, but my grandfather explained: we are not the only ones who are hungry this Christmas. We share what we have with as many people as possible.

This is the teaching of my father and my grandfather- not to forget that anyone could be in a precarious situation, and when we have the opportunity to share, it is up to us to do so. I promote learning through community service, and self-knowledge and development through social service in the region of Los Altos de Chiapas.

Directora Impacto textile

I studied engineering in design at the Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca. I then worked for four years at the Oaxaca Center for Design, first as Director of Product Development, managing the contemporary craft design project Binomios Creativos: Artesanos + Diseñadores, and later as CEO.

Chiapas has been my second home for some time, so the move to San Cristóbal was almost a natural process, preceded by travel, collaborations, and the surprises that life brings. Impacto Textile opened doors for me, allowing me to work as director of the textile sector, developing strategies for commercialization, innovation for development, collaborations, product development links, helping expand the scope of capacity-building in the textile artisans. I work with Xunca and Andrea coordinating the textile program and field activities.

My work at Impacto excites me because having the chance to contribute in a way that is aligned with my core beliefs is very rewarding. I hope that each of the artisans with whom we work is able to go beyond past limits in what they think and do, of who they are.

Director Impacto moringa

I studied management at ITAM and later worked on reforestation and food security projects in India and Kenya. Afterwards, I co-founded Kukua, a non-profit (social business) that seeks to improve nutrition, generate revenues, and reforest the land using the Moringa tree, famous for its high nutritional value.

I came to Oaxaca through a partnership with a social impact company called Dertek, which creates biofuel through the castor oil plant. This plant was considered a weed.

My work in Impacto includes the search for possible funders, and the implementation of the program Impacto Moringa, in which we teach women on the coast of Oaxaca the cultivation of the tree and help them create and market various products made with it.

I am passionate about my work in Impacto, being able to generate opportunities for work to promote the development of women in highly marginalized areas.

Field coordinator

I recently finished my studies. Working with women I have learned that together we can do much to advance. I enjoy working with women on issues of organization, production, training and personal empowerment.

Other topics that interest me are environmental care, women’s health, and the development of commercial sites for craft work. I have been developing this work with women for the last 13 years, and these experiences are the most important in my life. They have made me stronger and motivated me to continue to contribute to the development of women in the communities.

I appreciate the strength of women; together we can attain many good things for each family, demonstrating how important we are in any place in which we participate with our talent.

Program Coordinator Impacto textile

I studied Haute Couture in Guadalajara and then Fashion Design at the Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing in Florence. I did my internship in the study of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada in Madrid, and it was there where I realized my passion for form and color.

I traveled to San Cristóbal de Las Casas to learn about the essence of traditional Chiapas clothing. Before joining the team of Impacto Textile I worked as a research volunteer in the Center of Textiles of the Mayan World.

My work at Impacto includes facilitating workshops in community training, improvement in the quality of the products, and development of new contemporary collections that correspond with the style and techniques of each group.

I am passionate about collaborative work and I think that by professionalizing craft practices incredible results can be achieved.


In May 2008, I decided to change my residence in Berkeley, California to San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas in order to develop experimental software for the research center El Colegio de La Frontera Sur (ECOSUR). Linda, my fiancee at the time, and I traveled across California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, spending our last night as residents of the United States in Laredo. In less than a week, we arrived at our destination, San Cristóbal, living together since then in this beautiful city of Los Altos de Chiapas. In 2010 we were married in New Orleans, and now live, with our two dogs, in a small house which we had the pleasure of building in the center of town.

My work consists of configuring and programming systems in ECOSUR. In the evenings I study algorithms and enjoy family life. I maintain a public presence in the network via Twitter, Google Plus and other social media,


I studied at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, pursuing a degree in Latin American studies. My path led me to Colombia, to learn about the indigenous movement, and then to the United Kingdom and France.

The fieldwork for my doctoral thesis brought me to the Chinanteca region of Oaxaca, where I worked with an organization of coffee producers, their families, their projects, and also participated with an interdisciplinary research team of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa. This experience strengthened my conviction in the importance of influencing structural and decision making processes in order to build a more fair and equitable nation, thus the decision to enter the field of development, public policy, and human rights.

For almost four years I acted as the Liaison Officer of the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) in Chiapas. Currently, coordinate the sub-national work of UNICEF in Mexico.


Fashion which you accommodated and accommodates me know where it comes, who makes it and pay for what it is worth.
I am a textile designer, proudly Ibero, with specialties in fashion and marketing. During 8 years worked as designer, researcher of trends of fashion, lecturer, teacher, fashion Coordinator and organizer of the walkways in my hometown, the Federal District.

In the year 2008 I relocated in the southeast of Mexico and since then I am dedicated to the coordination of different projects of handmade textile design in the State of Chiapas including my own brand: Chamuchic. In the year 2013, during two years, led the sector and programme impact focused on textile crafts; founding the #ViernesTradicional initiative. I currently participate as Counselor of impact.

I want to collaborate with groups of craftswomen to achieve a useful exchange of knowledge and skills that lead both to raise the quality of our lives and to grow as entrepreneurs. I am convinced that indigenous women just need to be taught you and will accompany you in the way of marketing so you can eventually reach its autonomy and empowers its own economy.